For my Nigerian Clientele

Livinia Accessories has made special arrangements for our beloved Nigerian Clientele who do not have Paypal accounts or Mastercards. All you need to do is select the jewelery you want onto your cart and send us an email on our "contact us" page which should contain:

1. Your Full Names
2. Your Full and Correct Nigerian Address
3. The Details of your order(description, category and number of the jewelry)

We would contact you within 24 hours and provide you with the following information:

a) Amount of your Jewelry order in naira(subject to foreign exchange of the day)
b.) Cost of shipping to your address which is dependent on the weight of your jewelry order and we only use DHL services for tracking purposes.
c)Our GTB Bank account number in Nigeria for ease of payment.
d) We would process your order immediately the payment reflects and ship the next working day

...As simple as ABC...

Also, we can post to a UK address if you have a relative staying in the UK who has a means of sending it to you in Nigeria and this costs less than DHL services. In order to encourage my lovely Nigerian Clients, there would be a discount this space!!!. Thank you!!!....xxxx